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K & K Industries

8518 E 550 N Montgomery IN Indiana 47558
Phone: (812) 486-3281

About K and K Industries

K&K Industries, Inc. started with a discussion of three gentlemen in a general store in 1970. That discussion led to the business being started over 30 years ago in 1972. The business started with 3 employees, a small plant and one delivery truck which the three men had to modify to transport the lumber and finished product.

This business was formed to help the community and the area. Abe A. Knepp, the late president, pointed out that his business mainstay would be the philosophy that when persons think of this business, they will think of businessmen who deal honestly and fairly and provide top quality products and service.

K&K Industries grew until a devastating fire destroyed the plant on January 9, 1980. At that time many wondered what would become of the plant. As word spread of the devastating fire, some of his competitors called to offer assistance in any form. In approximately 90 days, with many helpful hands, the plant was back in full operation.

On November 15, 2005, a tornado ripped through the county and once again K&K was wiped out. Because of the many willing hands from the community and surrounding states that pitched in with the cleanup, new construction had started November 22, 2005, just one week after the tornado. By January 10, 2006, K&K was once again building trusses. Thank God for friends!

Currently, K&K Industries employs about 100 persons and has 12 delivery trucks. They not only manufacture custom roof trusses now, but also make customized wood floor trusses and wall panels. Laminated beams and I-joist have also become a large part of their product line.

Mr. Knepp once stated that his business is run by three bodies, Myself, the bank and the Lord, and the Lord is the chairman of the board. God plays a big part in this business because of the adversity overcome without destroying the corporation. Trusses are their business, but in God they trust. Most recently, K&K was honored as 2000 Business of the Year

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8518 E 550 N Montgomery IN Indiana 47558
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