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Memorial Hospital & Health Care Center – Memorial Health Washington – Country Health Center

600 S. State Road 57,, Washington | Indiana 47501
5066 N. 900 E. Indiana 47558
Phone: (812)996-2323

Memorial Hospital 800 West 9th St Jasper IN   (812)996-2323

Country Health Center 5066 N. 900 East, Montgomery | (812) 486-3396

Memorial Health Washington 600 S. State Road 57, Washington | (812) 674-4040

For over 65 years, the staff at Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center has worked to provide the local area with excellent health care services. Based in Jasper, Indiana and sponsored by the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary, Memorial Hospital has grown to include 31 specialties with approximately 100 Active Medical Staff in more than 30 health care centers in eight counties. Memorial Hospital employs more than 1,600 people and provides medical care for more than 6,500 inpatients and 250,000 outpatients annually. Nearly 1,000 babies are born at Memorial Hospital each year. Memorial Hospital extends it services to Daviess County in the form of two clinics: Memorial Health Washington and Country Health Center, ensuring health care that is closer to you.

Memorial Health Washington is the home of a variety of services including cardiology, family medicine, pediatrics, urology, orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynecology, lab and x-ray services, and more.

Country Health Center also provides a family of health care providers who value personalized hometown care, bringing you a variety of health care specialties for your needs.  This clinic is the home of a variety of specialties including cardiology, family medicine, general surgery, lab work, pediatrics, podiatry,  x-ray services, and more.

SERVICES:Angina Heart Therapy – EECP Audiology (Hearing) Bariatric Surgery Services Behavioral Health Services Cardiopulmonary Services Caring Hands Senior Services Critical Care Services E-Nursery Ear, Nose and Throat Emergency Services Family Palliative Care Food and Nutrition Health and Wellness Heart & Vascular Services Home Health Care Hospitalist Services

Rehabilitation Services Skilled Caring Center Sleep Center Social Work Surgical Services Urgent Care Center Urology Women and Infant Services Women’s Center Wound Care Center

For additional information, please contact the Public Relations/Marketing staff at 812-996-2352.

To find a physician and/or determine the availability of physicians, please call 812-996-8470.


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600 S. State Road 57,, Washington | Indiana 47501
5066 N. 900 E. Indiana 47558

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