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Rex Gress & Sons, Inc.

107 Belle Terre Dr Washington IN 47501
Phone: (812) 254-5377


Rex Gress & Sons INC has the experience to install all types of underground utilities.  We install residential water, sewer & electric lines. We also  do line extensions for utility companies as well as for building contractors.

Water lines and water mains

Sanitary  and storm sewer

Septic systems

Electric and gas lines


Rex Gress & Sons INC added a directional boring machine in the early 2000’s.The directional boring machine has added a service where as utility lines can be installed or replaced with very little disturbance to the area.  Most boring can be done without any evidence that work was performed.  Types of borings:

Roads & highways

Creeks & ditches

Residential yards and driveways

Wooded areas

Sidewalks and parking lots

Congested areas

Tight working areas

Under grain bins and buildings


Rex Gress & Sons INC has many years experience with backhoe and dozer work.  We can handle all your needs, including:


Pond construction


Clearing of land

Road Construction

Rex Gress & Sons INC  have removed many homes and buildings over the years.  We pride ourselves in always doing this in a safe and professional manner.


Rex Gress & Sons would be honored to consult with you on your next project.

Just call us at 812-254-5377.


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107 Belle Terre Dr Washington IN 47501

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