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Traylor Ag Sales; Inc / Truck Accessories

1351 N 100 W Washington IN 47501
Phone: (812) 486-7226
Traylor Ag Sales, Inc. wants to be your one-call source for:
  • New Equipment: Reliable and state-of-the-art
  • Used Equipment: Perfect for any budget
  • Parts: All types and guaranteed
As the owner, I have been involved in the agriculture industry for more than 50 years having grown up working in a family-owned, retail fertilizer plant that my parents started in Montgomery, Indiana in 1957.
While working as an employee for this family-run operation, I could see how important it was that our trucks and equipment were up and running at critical times during the year.  When farmers were in the fields in the spring and fall, waiting for parts to arrive was the last thing they wanted to do…and if the delay in getting parts affected our company’s equipment, it was even worse.  The closest place for parts was almost always an hour away and if the breakdown occurred after hours, waiting until the next business day was sometimes our only option.  Many times, without that part, our spreader truck or sprayer sat until the part arrived by next day air.
The associated shipping costs, not to mention the repair costs, added up to cut into the profits that hopefully would arrive further down the road.  In addition, downtime with broken equipment was even more costly and could always lead to a customer needing to go elsewhere to get the job done.
Our Promise to You  
At Traylor Ag Sales, Inc., we want to ensure that this isn’t your problem.  Through our personal services, as a fertilizer application equipment store, you can buy new and used equipment or, if you need a part to get up and running again, we have it already or, if not, we’ll find it for you.  Whether you need a servo valve, rate sensor, boom shut-off valve, Dickey-john radar gun, nozzle body or tips for your spreader truck and sprayer, we can deliver the part in a timely manner…and also do so at a price that you’ll find to be extremely competitive.  We carry a complete line of hoses, gauges, goggles, gloves, NH3 knifes, shanks, coulter blades, flow meters, HD bumpers, roll over tarps and truck accessories.
Traylor Ag Sales, Inc. is a store where you can call and talk with a trained professional for all of your equipment and parts’ needs.  We can provide you with quality new and used equipment, spreaders, sprayers, tenders, toolbars, full float and semi-float chassis.  And, we want to be the one you call to take your used equipment in on trade or help you sell it on consignment to guarantee you the most money possible.
I want to hear from you and am available to discuss your equipment and parts needs.  I want to provide you with a business partner who can come to your place of business to evaluate any of your rolling stock and offer a professional appraisal for inventory, trade value, insurance purposes or tax consideration.  Consider Traylor Ag Sales, Inc. for all your fertilizer application equipment and truck accessory needs.
Mark Traylor
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1351 N 100 W Washington IN 47501

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