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The Chamber Member 5B2B– New and Exciting!

We are rolling out a new idea here at One Train Depot Street and the idea behind it is to add more value to being a Daviess County Chamber of Commerce Member.  I wanted to get members to give back to other members.  The more businesses that we can get involved the better the membership will be!! So if you are a current member of the Daviess County Chamber of Commerce would you please consider a Member to Member or Business to Business (hence the B2B) benefit of some type. Like $5 off the order of $25 or more; (5)- $1 off coupons good at your store; $5 gift card for an item or service; or $5 as a discount for and item?

We have our first three Chamber Member 5B2B benefits from West Boggs Park, Terri Kelso Insurance, and Donaldson and Sellers Automotive.  West Boggs is giving 5% off of Passes and Camping for Members.  Terri Kelso Insurance is giving $5 gift card for a no obligation quote if you request one.  Donaldson and Sellers Automotive is giving $5 off per ticket at the check-out.  It all doesn’t sound like much but if you add it all up and we keep rolling with it we will be doing something huge for the members.  I am shooting for two more 5B2B deals this week  so be looking for your emails.  I will be calling on any of the businesses that can to give these type of deals.  Member businesses just need to show their listing on the app to the business giving the deal and redeem the 5B2B.  It is that easy!!

The Daviess County Indiana App also has the ability to put up coupons off and other hot deals so I hope to get some of these too so I can send out deals to those that are regular consumers and non-members.  Download the App today on the Play Store or App Store according to your device and keep up to date on what is going on in our ever changing County!

These are the links to get the app:

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