In Business for your Business About Us – Daviess County | Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau

Welcome to Daviess County, Indiana, a land to be enjoyed for a few days or a lifetime. Here one can find forward-looking technology companies and retail operations conducting business on a global scale while living and working side-by-side with gentle Amish folk. With a $2 billion technology center and a new tech park just a few miles to the north, about 700 Old Order Amish families practice a spiritually-fueled lifestyle little changed from centuries gone by.

This unique spectrum of life serves up an experience that is both restful and inspiring for visitors to Daviess County. An hour or two from the hectic bustle of overcrowded urban streets, the county offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Like angling for that elusive record bass? Veteran outdoor enthusiasts know that the Glendale Fish and Wildlife Area quietly boasts superb world-class fishing and hunting. If chasing the little white ball captures your interest, the 18-hole Country Oaks Golf Club in Montgomery remains among the best in southern Indiana. The rural town is also home to the internationally known “Turkey Trot,” an unusual festival that delights and amuses young and old alike. An annual train festival celebrates the railroad history of the county seat in Washington, where hundreds of massive locomotives would belch smoke and steam en route to a former roundhouse and B&O repair yard known simply as “The Shops.”

The home of growing global agribusiness, Daviess County is now a net importer of corn in addition to its own extensive corn and soybean crops. A major plant operated by the multinational Grain Processing Company (GPC) produces a strategic variety of corn products for numerous industries around the world. Speaking of a global economy, the Stitching Post on Main Street in Washington serves clientele all over the world, shipping unique quilting materials to customers in Saudi Arabia, Asia and Europe.

The WestGate @ Crane Technology Park, already home to technology giants SAIC and EG&G, is rapidly attracting technology companies from across the United States. Expected by state officials to become a premier national technology center, the WestGate may soon employ upwards of 3,000 technical professionals and engineers. A few miles from the tech park, the former Graham Cheese Factory celebrates the economic diversity of the county in Elnora, serving tempting cheeses and other treats fashioned from Amish-produced milk, and provides Daviess County with a Food Processing Institute.

Several national brand hotels and country inns offer a restful place from which to explore the county. Old-style Coney dogs and onion-smothered cheeseburgers produce entertaining meals, as well as the specialty authentic Amish-style restaurants around the county.